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HOT LINKS Topplistan aims to be a showcase for new songs from Nordic dance bands.
Studio in Sigtuna
Here you have the opportunity to follow the dance band songs that are hot right now in Sweden and Scandinavia. You are welcome to participate by voting for one (1) favorite song. That way, you affect the outcome on the list. We have no requirement for membership. No fees.

Among those who vote, we draw winners of prizes. One (1) vote per individual. Votes must be received no later than normally Wednesdays, 4th week at: 17. Always check the deadline before submitting your vote. Vote by clicking on Vote here on Current chart.

You can also submit your vote via email
kjellesdansotek @ (remove initiation of trailing spaces at the @ sign)


Topplistan started in 2002 by private individuals Mattias Danfjorden and Kjell Danfjorden. Our business focus to services and information.

The first list was presented to the 31st of August 2002 in the radio show Dansmorgon in Radio Sigtuna (FM North Greater Stockholm). Topplistan has since then been broadcast on the radio during most of the years that have passed.
As of 2017 the radio show is broadcasted in Radio Gagnef.

The program is now broadcast on Radio Gagnef in Sweden and streamed on

Despite its historical connection to Radio Sigtuna, Topplistan has long Swedish and Nordic list of voters and participation across the north. Parallel to the radio program the chart has been on our website since the beginning and from 2010 also through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Feel free to contact us:
Kjelles Dansotek
Lövstagatan 7B
S-71831 Frövi SWEDEN

Phone: +46702345480 (swedish only)
Email: (remove initiation of trailing spaces at the @ sign)

Dance bands are welcome to submit songs to challenge. The music we test must be newly released or newly recorded. To participate on Topplistan is a great way for a dance band to spread their music.
Participation is free.

The basic requirement is that the music must come from touring Nordic dance band (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) of at least four official band members.
Furthermore, the music style must be a "dansband" as we know it.

The songs will be professionally recorded and produced. Live or studio recording.

You send the track via email (remove initiation of trailing spaces at the @ sign)
or physical CD Disc to our office in Vikarbyn. See contact details.

Enter contact information, website, information about your music activities as well as song material. When we try to provide music to our voters, we want you to make the song available on the internet, such as your own website, Youtube, Spotify, Myspace, etc., so that those who voted on the list can also hear the song properly.

We will not substitute for music that has been submitted

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